Contemporary Dance Classes In Saskatoon

“Expression with Interpretation and Movement”

As dancers progress through their ballet training and begin the grade 4 ballet syllabus, they become eligible to add contemporary work to their repertoire. For many dancers, it becomes one of their favourite disciplines, expressing the music through movement based on modern foundations. Our program will be using the CDTA Modern Syllabus to guide in the training of our dancers.

Contemporary Dance Classes Saskatoon

“Come have fun!” Contemporary Dance at BSOBAD!

This program has been beautifully developed through the years and is a class that continues to strengthen and refine the students’ dance technique, knowledge and history. Contemporary encourages the development of self-awareness and stage presence.

Contemporary Dance Classes Saskatoon

Train and Perform with the best in Saskatoon!

Our teachers are passionate about this genre, and students love to work as a team to develop concepts for the audience to enjoy and appreciate!

Contemporary is a major piece of the journey for serious dancers at our Saskatoon dance studio! Dancers looking for an extra push can work toward being part of our ‘Lyrical/Contemporary Elite‘ program. Auditions take place at the beginning of our season in Fall!

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Whether you’re just starting out, looking to have fun, or ready to take your dance training to the next level, BSOBAD has a place for you! Talk to us to book your free class, consult, and tour!

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Brenda’s School of Baton & Dance has been a fabulous environment not only for our children to learn dance and musical theatre, but to foster and nurture wonderful lifelong friendships. We are delighted to be a part of such a wonderful performing arts dance school and would highly recommend BSOBAD.

Elisabeth and Paul
Dance Parent