BB Renegades

Our professional auditioned team is Saskatchewan’s leading male dance crew. They have competed across North America at competitions including World of Dance, and have been invited to perform for events locally and internationally. BB Renegades are crowd favourites known for their sets full of humour, energy, and entertainment value. They were also the recipients of ‘Global Entertainment Award’ at the international dance challenge in Chicago.

Dance is for everyone!

BB Renegades evolved out of our “All Boys” dance classes at BSOBAD. We believe in giving boys a sense of community with other boys who love to dance, train, and perform on stage. BSOBAD is a safe and inviting environment for all, no matter your age, race, level or gender. Dance is for everyone!

Hip Hop & Choreography

The “All Boys” program began in the early 2000s as a way for young boys to find community through dance, with Bboying as the foundational style. BB Renegades evolved out of this program and has now become an integral part of bsoFlo.

Renegade JRs

The “Renegade JRs” are the current senior male dance crew at bsoFlo. Registration begins in the fall Contact us for more information!

What happens next?

We invite you to try a range of dance and performance styles. Talk to us about competition teams and performance opportunities, or to book your free class, consult, and tour!

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Book a free trial class with one of our teaching team in whichever dance discipline you wish!

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Client Testimonials

Brenda’s School of Baton & Dance has been a fabulous environment not only for our children to learn dance and musical theatre, but to foster and nurture wonderful lifelong friendships. We are delighted to be a part of such a wonderful performing arts dance school and would highly recommend BSOBAD.

Elisabeth and Paul
Dance Parent
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